Made-To-Measure Outdoor Garden & Patio Cushions (Waterproof)


Available in 5 colours to fit any space in your garden.


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More About This Product

Made-To-Measure Outdoor Garden & Patio Cushions


  • An ideal waterproof custom cushion ideal for your garden or patio
  • Great for people who need some comfort in their garden.
  • The waterproof cover can be removed from the inner filling via a zippered edge.
  • Our waterproof material is a 600-denier polyester tight-weave rip-stop threading with 100% waterproof PVC backing. It stands up to even the most prevelant of digging, nesting and pets. However, like anything that can be cut with scissors, it’s not invincible.
  • With options between our High-Density Foam Slab Filling which is sturdy and soft, or our High-Density Foam Chip Filling which is looser and softer, the best of both worlds is available (5 cm thickness is only available in Foam Slab format).
  • Whether you want cushions for corner of your patio furniture or custom size for any seated areas – our Made-to-Measure Cut-Out Service allows your cushions to be placed & positioned in almost any kind of space.
  • If you’re looking for one of the best quality, yet great value, extra small to extra large made-to-measure outdoor garden & patio cushions, this is it.
Additional Information

Bold Black, Burgundy Red, Olive Green, Royal Blue, Silver Grey


HD Foam Slab (Orthopedic)

Thickness (height)

10cm / 4in, 15cm / 6in, 20cm / 8in, 5cm / 2in

NOTE: This product does not come with any personalised embroidery or badges

Lengths over 190 cm or Widths over 100 cm cannot be delivered outside of UK mainland. For those within UK mainland, a £35.00 delivery fee will incur for anything over these sizes.
Length Up to 240 cm
Width Up to 132 cm
Height Comfy Floor Mat Format:
5 cm / 2 inch
Chunky Mattress Format:
10 cm / 4 inch
15 cm / 6 inch
20 cm / 8 inch


Burgundy Red Royal Blue Olive Green
Silver Grey Bold Black Terracotta Fleece
Grey Fleece Gold Black Gleneagles Nutmeg
Gleneagles Charcoal Cream Fleece

The Made-To-Measure Waterproof Outdoor Garden & Patio Cushions come with a zippered washable removable cover.

Keep your product clean by:

Brushing off loose dirt;
Wet/damp wipe down with a cloth;
Rinse under a running tap;
Hose down and scrub with a brush;
or Pressure wash.
Allow to naturally air dry.
Machine wash at no more than 30c to preserve the waterproofing.


Hand wash, hose or pressure wash, wash in washing machine up to 30c. Do not not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not iron steam.