Our custom dog bed name badges are a lovely way to make your dog’s bed theirs, with options to personalise your name badges with a variety of popular fonts and thread colours.

The text will be embroidered onto a badge, which will be made from a separate piece of the same material used to make the bed or cover. This is so that the background colour of the badge is in-keeping with the colour of the rest of bed.

The badge will have a hemmed border around all 4 edges, to give it more solidarity and help differentiate it from the rest of the bed.

To add a name badge to your order, simply when selecting your bed or cover, tick the 'Embroided Name Badge' checkbox and choose your required quantity, enter the name(s), font & colour.

If you want to choose the location(s) of your name badge(s), download this PDF (also sent to you upon checkout), choose where you wish your badge(s) to go and return it to us by photographing/scanning it and emailing it back to us.

Whether it’s in the boot of the car or under the kitchen worktop, cutting out shapes into your dog’s bed allows for it to be placed in almost any kind of space.

To choose where you wish for your cut-out(s) to be placed on your made-to-measure dog bed and additional covers (if ordered), we supply a printable specification sheet where you are able to illustrate to us exactly where and at what angles you wish for the cuts to be made.
Lengths over 190 cm or Widths over 100 cm cannot be delivered outside of UK mainland. For those within UK mainland, a £35.00 delivery fee will incur for anything over these sizes.
Length Up to 240 cm
Width Up to 132 cm
Height Comfy Floor Mat Format:
5 cm / 2 inch
Chunky Mattress Format:
10 cm / 4 inch
15 cm / 6 inch
20 cm / 8 inch

Burgundy Red Royal Blue Olive Green
Silver Grey Bold Black
The Made-To-Measure Waterproof Custom Dog Bed Mats & Mattresses come with a zippered washable removable cover.
Keep your washable dog bed clean by:

Brushing off loose dirt; Wet/damp wipe down with a cloth; Rinse under a running tap; Hose down and scrub with a brush; or Pressure wash. Allow to naturally air dry. Machine wash at no more than 30c to preserve the waterproofing.

Hand wash, hose or pressure wash, wash in washing machine up to 30c. Do not not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not iron steam.