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SW Pet Bed’s Bespoke Custom Made-to-Measure Waterproof Beds

An ideal waterproof dog mattress for country, game and active dogs who get dirty and wet on a frequent basis.

Recommended for use in almost any sort of watery or muddy situation.

These dog mattress beds are filled with furniture grade high-density foam encased in a stockinette cover, which acts as a great insulator for cold floors and walls.

The Mattress foam inner filling is comfortable and can be removed via zipped edge for washing the outer cover.

Designed to keep your pet warm and comfortable in the winter with polymer foam filler, and cool and breathable in the summer with a tough woven fabric outer layer.

What makes our beds unique?

For our Chunky Mattresses, Cozy Crash Mats, Cozy Cushions and the base cushions of our Comfy Sofas, we use top-end high-density furniture foam which is the next grade just below memory foam. This foam type provides the best combination of firm yet comfortably versatile padding for all pet weights and especially more-so for medium to larger sized dogs.

Many cheaper or budget waterproof dog beds on the market use wadding which is a less-dense foam that has much larger air pockets. This allows most dogs to then sink straight to the floor, negatively impacting orthopedic benefit for our canine family members, especially older dogs who require more comfort.

Available Sizes & Colours

On-screen colours will vary across different devices and screen types.

Length Up to 240 cm
Width Up to 132 cm
Height 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm
Max Additional Cut-outs 12

Bold Black

Navy Blue

Olive Green

Silver Grey

Berry Red


Is our waterproof material actually waterproof?

The waterproof material we use is comprised of two layers;

  1. The outer layer being a durable polymer based threading that is tightly weaved together.
  2. The inner layer being a waterproof polymer laminate that is heat bonded to the weaved threading which prevents any water seaping into the bed filling.

This material is 100% waterproof however if left outisde, consistent rain can eventually soak through sewing seams, saturating the inner filler.

For this reason we suggest using the bed ideally undercover or indoors only.

The benefits of our waterproof material

  • Outer cooling fabric layer keeps the dog cool in the summer;
  • 100% waterproof inner layer;
  • Heavy duty, chew resistant, durable, hard-wearing fabric material;
  • Perfect for nesting and clawing dogs;
  • Easy to keep clean with wiping, hose or jetwash;
  • Chew, dirt, mold, mildew, flea, mite, hair and odour resistant;


Great for use anywhere indoors or undercover such as..

  • Dog crates;
  • Back of 4×4 or car boot;
  • Living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bedroom;
  • Utility room;
  • Outdoor kennels;
  • Yachts & boats;
  • Camper vans;
  • and more!

Cleaning & Aftercare

These Chunky Mattresses have removable washable covers.
Keep your washable dog bed clean by:

  • Brushing off loose dirt;
  • Wet/damp wipe down with a cloth;
  • Rinse under a running tap;
  • Hose down and scrub with a brush;
  • or Pressure wash.

Additional Notes

Made in Devon, United Kingdom.


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  • (Free Standard Next Day for orders over £60)

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We dispatch our products within 1-3 working days depending on whether the product is in-stock and ready-to-go, or needs to be produced.

Although we do keep most of our products in-stock at all times, our products are ‘made-to-order’ which means that the product you order may need to be produced before we can deliver it to you.

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