Our Connections

Here at South West Pet Beds we like to take our wares to some of the top Game fares in the country so that people far and wide can view our high quality dog beds in person, with the dogs themselves (and even the dog’s parents at times) being able to try out the beds first hand before they buy.

Not only is this a great way to present our dog beds, it’s also a great way to network, and we enjoy talking to people from all over who have their own unique story to tell.

Why not come and find us at one of the Country & Game shows across the United Kingdom that we frequent each year? Here is a list of the main ones we go to, we’d love to see you there!







We have been featured on 3 Little Buttons from our show at The Ideal Home Show in 2018: http://3littlebuttons.com/family-lifestyle/a-dog-christmas-wish-list-for-alfie-ideal-home-show-christmas/